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170710 Peter - Yes, there is a magic money tree

Page history last edited by Peter Verity 3 years, 2 months ago


Date  10/07/2017 Presenter Peter Verity
Location  Quaker Meeting House  Type of meeting Talk and discussion


30 people present, approx. half were new


Yes, there is a Magic Money Tree

presenter: Peter Verity


Peter's talk was in two parts -

  • first, an explanation of the Positive Money campaign
    • where money comes from
    • why that's bad
    • what we should do about it (the Positive Money reforms)
  • then, a wider exploration of debt
    • the national debt - reframing the narrative as a 'national savings account'
    • public finances - taxation, spending, and borrowing. How these could be impacted by Sovereign Money creation 
    • the 'Magic Money Tree' - tax havens, deficit spending, public money creation


This was followed by about 30 minutes discussion.


The slides can be downloaded, in one of two formats

  1. 170710 There is a magic money tree.ppt  - the powerpoint presentation [5.7Mb]
  2. 170710 There is a magic money tree (wiki).pdf  - smaller file, printable but without the animations [2.9Mb]


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