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BBC Programmes

Page history last edited by Dave Jefferies 8 years, 7 months ago

The BBC are showing Inside Job tonight (BBC2, 7th Dec, 21:00). This is one of the films that a lot of members have said is really worth watching and I can recommend it as well. A lot about gearing which is basically what Positive Money is about.

They have had a couple of other programmes that are worth watching:

The Party's Over: How the west went bust.
Part 1 was last Sunday but you can catch it on iPlayer until 18th Dec:
Part 2 next Sunday BBC2, 19:00

It is an analysis of the financial crisis also looking at the international situation with the rise of the Asian economies. One flaw I found was when they discussed savings. They did not take into account the savings we make collectively for education, pensions, health etc. Our taxes do pay for a lot of investments (e.g. education) and services that other countries have to save for individually so the gap may not be as big as they say.

RBS - Inside the bank that ran out of money shown.
Shown on Tuesday but available on iPlayer until 12th Dec:
The impression I got is that Fred Goodman's management team were so busy buying up companies that they had absolutely no interest in what the banks actually did. They were just operating in a completely separate world where companies were just traded assets. They seemed to have no concept of responsibility for the bank's or  their own activities.

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