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140224 Richard "National Debt - debt or delusion"

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Date  24/2/2014 Presenter Richard
Location  Quaker Meeting House  Type of meeting Members talk


14 people present, of whom 4 were new



National Debt - debt or delusion? : Soft currency economics

Presenter : Richard Bruce

Richard is a supporter of the Sheffield Group of Positive Money supporters, and an IT consultant from Bradford http://www.brucenetworks.com/

The slides from the talk can be downloaded here > Debt or Delusion slides.ppt


The main parts of the talk were


1) Where does money come from?

describing the origins of money as a credit and debit system. 


2) What do banks do?

Banks role as the creators of credit including a simple balance sheet example.

Loans create deposits.


3) Governments role as the tax and medium of exchange enforcers.

The final part included a demo using a business card of a simple economy


The latter part of the presentation was unfamiliar ground to many in the audience, and provoked a lively discussion on a number of social and political issues. For more information about governments role as creators and legitimisers of currency, see the following websites



google searches for "neo chartalism"

I have started a discussion thread on the forum about MMT (Modern Monetary Theory).


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