150126 Dora Meade "New year, new challenges"


Date  26/1/2015 Chairs  
Time    Secretaries Peter
Location  Quaker Meeting House  Type of meeting Meet-up


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16 people, including 3 new to our group (1 came from a different PM group)


Table of Contents



Brief update on the Sheffield group

presenter: Peter Verity, coordinator of the Sheffield group of Positive Money supporters

Peter's slides can be downloaded here > Peter - New year new challenges.ppt


After welcoming our visitors, Peter showed a few slides to illustrate how the local group has attempted to ATTRACT and INFORM understanding-seekers during 2014.

Are we attracting and informing as well as we could? Is there anything new we should be doing (and anyone to do it?)




New Year, new challenges

presenter: Dora Meade, national network coordinator

Dora's slides can be downloaded here > Dora - New year new challenges.pptx


Dora started her talk with the questions "how did you come to care?" or "why did you come this evening?"

Those present introduced themselves, and entered discussion. There was interaction throughout Dora's talk, and in the brainstorming session at the end. For clarity in what follows, audience contributions are in italics.




Progress in 2014

A lot has happened in the 'expert opinion' area


and in the 'public opinion' area:


How do we engage more people?


Plans for 2015




Next steps




Postscript from Dora

"Thank you to those of you who came to the local group meeting last night, and to the core team and Peter for organising the event. We managed to get stuck into brainstorming some great ideas about what Sheffield Positive Money should do in 2015, unfortunately we ran out of time. 


An event in Sheffield in the run up to the election, presenting Positive Money alongside a prominent local issue, would be an amazing way of getting new people engaging with these ideas. 


I am very happy to support anyone who is interested in organising an event or taking on a new initiative. 


To continue the discussion - here are some questions to consider: 

Dora Meade
Network Coordinator
Positive Money

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 E:  dora@positivemoney.org
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